Abland Presents Monte Circle Office Park in Fourways, Johannesburg!

Where your business operates from can have a direct bearing on its success. If you are looking for prime rental space in Johannesburg, we have just the office park for you. Montecasino Boulevard in Fourways, Johannesburg, is certainly a sought-after commercial location and plays host to the new Monte Circle Office Park. Montecasino Boulevard is a developing area and the office park offers corporate companies the opportunity to establish themselves in a prime location. This commercial office park offers 56 000m² of prime rentable office space and a wealth of benefits to its tenants.

Benefits of renting office space at Monte Circle Office Park:

As a tenant of Monte Circle Office Park in Fourways, you will also benefit from the following additional services which are available within the office park:

Monte Circle Office Park offers its corporate tenants more than just high-quality finishes and an Italian village ambiance. Here you can expect for your business to enjoy a wealth of both foot and road traffic, and absolute ease of accessibility. In short, this is the ideal location to get your business noticed and offer your potential consumers absolute convenience too.

The Monte Circle Office Park offers ground floor, first floor and second floor office spaces. The rates are reasonable, starting from R135 per square metre for office space and R80 per square metre for storage. Dedicated basement and open parking bays are available, the ratio is 5 bays per 100m² of office space. – the rates for these start at around R800 per bay.

Office parks are generally safer than standalone buildings when it comes to business use. With prime location and exceptional signage and advertising opportunities, the Monte Circle Office Park is a firm favourite for established, as well as up-and-coming, businesses to settle their “home base”.

Rentals for this office park and various others in the area can be arranged through Helen Varcoe of Abland. To learn more about the facilities, rental rates and location of Monte Circle Office Park, get in touch with Helen via email on helen.varcoe@abland.co.za or telephone on 011 510 9999, today.

* Please note that prices are subject to change.