Centurion Office Park Development and Rental Options – How Business Locations Affect Profits

Is your business a huge success? Just how much does your location have to do with dwindling sales and lack of public support? A lot, actually! It could have everything to do with it. With the right Centurion office park development and rental rates, you can watch your business soar to new heights. Not many people place the right amount of emphasis on their business location. In fact, many business owners don’t know enough about how positioning can affect the success of their business.

At Abland, we have seen it time and again… a business soaring to new profitability and success as a result of a new, more suited position. When we say “suited”, we aren’t just referring to the needs of the business (which are critically important) but also to the convenience, safety and preference of your target audience or customers.

When looking for the ideal location and premises for your business, you must know what your business needs are. Firstly, decide what sort of traffic your business relies on. Do you have customers specifically looking for your products and services, or does your business mostly rely on foot traffic and impulse buyers? The best type of business premises is one that conveniently draws in the right customer, maximises on your profits and keeps overhead costs to a minimum.

Let’s use the Westend Office Park as an example. This is one of our featured Centurion office park developments and rental amounts are reasonable in terms of what you get. First and foremost, the location of this office park is simply ideal, as it is in close proximity to the Centurion Mall and the Gautrain, and is also on the banks of the Hennops River, which provides a fabulous view for all tenants and their clients.

Another great perk of renting office space in the Westend Office Park is the security that is on offer. The area itself is already a secure and sought-after one, but the office park also offers added security for the peace of mind of the tenants. Security on site is available at all times and parking zones are located with safety in mind. The fact that the office park is located on major Centurion traffic routes and also has easy highway access means that it’s a convenient place for both your customers and staff members to access. Convenience and safe travels are critical, and should certainly be considered when shopping around for business premises.

If it’s an A-grade office space that you are looking for and you aren’t willing to compromise on value for money, prime positioning and facilities/services, the Westend Office Park is best suited to your needs. When it comes to Centurion office park developments and rental options that are suited to the specific needs of business owners who are serious about doing business and making a good impression on the public and their loyal clients, Abland is the development and property management team to trust. For more information and advice on our office park developments in Centurion, contact us via email or telephone at Abland today.