Why You Should Consider Renting Midrand Offices

Interested in finding the ideal location for your Gauteng business? Why not move to Midrand? Situated between Centurion and Kyalami in Gauteng, Midrand enjoys a prime location for businesses and features a variety of office spaces, commercial buildings and centres. Midrand offices to rent, in general, are well priced and situated in areas that receive a healthy flow of traffic, which is important! The Midrand area is modern and has simply thrived over the past decade. Much growth has been seen and its proximity to the highway has earned it many business residents. Over recent years, business owners have clamoured to obtain access to top Gauteng business rentals situated in this very area.

At Abland, we present the market with some of the best Midrand offices to rent at reasonable monthly rates. If you are specifically looking for commercial office rentals in the Midrand area, we strongly advise that you consider the Hertford Office Park. The office park is situated on the corner of Allandale Road and Bekker Road, and offers over 60 000 square metres of office space. The office park is still being developed and will offer top notch and prime located spaces for businesses looking for long-term rentals. Building G is currently underway and you can expect to pay a monthly rental of around R170 per square metre. Rental opportunities will be available between now (January 2016) and 2017.

If you are interested in renting an office space in this office park or if you are looking for other office rentals in the Midrand area, we recommend that you get in touch with us at your earliest convenience, so that we can assist you further. We will require further details on your needs and requirements, including that of required space, type of business that you operate, your operating hours, your available budget and any special needs that your business has. We will be able to advise you on available property rentals based on these details.
At Abland, we only involve ourselves in property developments that we truly believe will be beneficial to our company and our clients’ companies too. This provides much peace of mind to our existing and potential consumer base.

To learn more about Hertford Office Park or to find out more about other potential Midrand offices to rent, get in touch with us at Abland. We are available via email or telephone, and look forward to assisting you with your commercial and business property needs.