Centurion Office to Let

Find the Right Centurion Office to Let at Abland

Where you operate your business from is important to your success. It is vital not to overlook the importance of your business’ location. It needs to be easy and safe to get to for both your customers and employees. A comfortable client is one that will spend more, and a comfortable employee is one that will put in more effort and time. Location can greatly affect an individual’s comfort levels. A great deal of time and attention should be put into ensuring that your office space is just right for your business.

For many businesses, finding office space to let in Centurion is considered the “first prize”. This particular area is simply buzzing with activity and plays host to a number of modern shopping malls, schools, businesses and residential homes. It’s the home of the young, the old and everyone in between.

At Abland, we manage a variety of office parks in the Centurion and surrounding areas. What is most important to note about our stock is that we don’t compromise on quality, location and value for money… ever. We want your business to succeed, so we will only present the most viable options to you. This is something that we can guarantee. All of our rental properties are well serviced and offer the type of impression and aesthetic appeal that’s bound to impress you, your employees and of course, your customers.

The Westend Office Park is a good choice for those who want to be close to major traffic routes and popular malls. These units come in at around R165 per square metre, depending on the size. The Hall Street location will definitely be enjoyed by your employees and customers.

Last but not least, the Centurion Junction is a firm favourite too. You can find this office park located on the corner of Von Willich Avenue and Gerhard Street. These units are available in various sizes, with monthly rentals starting from R139 per square metre. Inside the office park, you will also find a hotel, gym and various other businesses that will certainly bring in fresh traffic and new business.

Our team at Abland is made up of property management experts who really know what they’re doing in the commercial property industry. We know the value of our various developments and once we know what your needs are, we can provide you with details on the most viable options. Locating your business in Centurion will place you right in the middle of the action – and that’s great for your bottom line.

These two top office space rentals are certainly considered A-grade and are well worth the attached monthly rental amounts. If you would like to arrange a viewing of any of our properties, simply let us know. We will ensure that you are fully introduced to the properties available to you. For more property-related information and advice, and to learn more about how our professional office rental agreements work, simply contact us via email or telephone at Abland today.

*All prices are subject to change and valid on the date of publication.