Office Space to Let

Tips on Finding the Right Office Space to Let in Gauteng

Are you currently in the market for a new office space to let? If you are, it’s important to realise just how vital your decision will be to your business. The office space that you choose will affect more than just your daily operations. It will also affect staff morale, as well as the impression that the public and your chosen target audience has of you. Think about it… how do you feel about businesses that are poorly located? Chances are high that you don’t support them as often as you would if they had chosen safe, convenient and easy-to-access office locations.

At Abland, we often encounter business owners who are just looking for decent business premises that will add value to their businesses and to their staff members’ daily lives. We understand these needs and desires, and often try to provide helpful advice that makes the decision easier. We consider the following factors as quite important when shopping around for the right office space to let:

• Location – we have all heard the saying “location, location, location!” and we cannot stress enough how important this is. Where the office space is situated is quite important, as it determines how convenient and safe both your staff members and customers will find the business. Always investigate the area before signing a lease, and consult with the landlord on safety before going ahead.

• Price – the price of the property is of vital importance. Keep in mind that commercial properties are charged per square metre and, of course, the lease period is usually 5 years (this could vary from landlord to landlord). Make sure that you can comfortably afford the rental amount, so that you don’t run into any financial issues mid-way through your lease.

• Service delivery – finding commercial property that is well-serviced is not too hard to find in the Gauteng and Western Cape areas, but they usually come at a high price. It’s best to look for serviced buildings or office blocks, so that the maintenance doesn’t become a burden for you. Chat to other tenants about the services on offer and if they are supplied as expected, or if you can expect issues to arise. The services could range from office cleaning, to internet and telephone lines. Check all the details and fine print before agreeing.

These are just a few words of advice from our team to assist you when searching for the right office space to let for your business. If you would like to find out about the properties that we have available for rental in your area, simply contact us via email or telephone at your convenience.