Parktown Office Space

Move Your Business into A-Grade, Affordable Parktown Office Space with the Help of Abland

Have you considered Parktown as the new home of your business in 2017? Parktown is a suburb that can be found nestled between Saxonwold and Westcliff. The area was developed by some of the best self-starters in the country. The architectural character of the area is somewhat upbeat and eclectic and it’s no wonder that so many businesses are trying to obtain Parktown office space to start off the upcoming year with a bang.

In Gauteng, Parktown is considered an elite area, and is home to both residential and commercial properties. In fact, the oldest house in Johannesburg, built in 1896, is found here and draws many tourists to the area. From Parktown, you have the ideal location to quickly get to the centre of the city and Sandton, which means that it’s quick and easy for staff members and customers to get to as well. If you spend some time in the area, you will find that it’s also buzzing with students, as it plays host to three out of the five campuses of the University of the Witwatersrand.

It comes as no surprise that many local up-and-coming businesses clamour to find commercial space in Parktown, and that we are able to help them find not just any space, but well-located, serviced and affordable premises.

If you are looking for commercial office space in Parktown, Gauteng, we strongly suggest that you consider the Hill On Empire commercial office park. This office park is located on the corner of Empire Road and Hill Street in Parktown. In Building A North and Building A South, we have office rentals starting from April and March 2017 respectively. This A-grade office park has a strategic position in an already strategically positioned area in Gauteng, which means that you truly stand to benefit in terms of location. The fact that it is a multi-tenant premises / office park also means that you will benefit from the traffic and interest that other businesses in the office park will bring.

If you are looking for office space in Parktown that is well priced, well located, and just perfect for the image and nature of your business, waste no more time. Book a viewing of the premises with us at Abland, or get in touch with us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.