Property Developers

Leading Industrial, Retail and Office Space Property Developers in SA

There are many property developers to thank for the selection of affordable office, industrial and retail rental spaces available in South Africa. For many businesses, building and owning their own premises is just not viable in terms of costs, but thanks to developers, such as Abland, having access to top-class, well-serviced and modern premises is possible. We all know that where your business operates from reflects directly on your business’s image, so it’s important to rent or buy property that truly portrays that image, as well as your brand.

At Abland, we are involved in a variety of property developments in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Our properties are more than just buildings and premises. They are sustainable developments built to cater to the needs and requirements of our clients. Whether you are an investor or a client looking to occupy the best-in-class premises, we have just the property for you.

When choosing a property developer to work with, it’s important to select a team that has ample experience to offer. The property industry is both evolving and dynamic, and it’s best to work with an expert team that has insight and vision with regards to this. Developers in today’s economic climate need to be committed and enthusiastic about the projects ahead, and must also be readily available to investors and occupiers interested in the premises.

At Abland, we are always available to our clients, and are most certainly dedicated to creating the type of industrial, office and retail space that’s well-planned and laid out.

The right property developers will have a variety of prime real estate locations to offer you, and this means that the potential sites will be located in safe areas, close to public transport systems and freeways, and be regarded positively by your target market. It might sound hard to achieve, but professional and experienced developers plan and design properties that work. And they do.

At Abland, we currently have a variety of prime business premises available for both rental and for sale. If you are looking for industrial, office or retail space, simply let us know what your requirements are and we will assist you further. For more information and advice, and to find the ideal premises for your business, contact your local property developers, Abland, via email or telephone today. We look forward to hearing from you.