Property Developments

Property Developments for Sale and to Let

If you take a close look at South Africa, you will see many property developments in progress all across the country. The country is developing at a rapid rate, and property developers are seizing the opportunity to create real estate that’s ideally positioned and available at just the right price.

Property development is no easy task. At Abland, we find that it’s a multifaceted process that involves seeking out prime locations and land (or existing premises), and developing the property so that it meets with the demands of the industry. Of course, where the property is located will determine precisely how it is developed. For instance, property in an industrial area will not be developed for residential resale or rentals. It’s a process that takes time and strategic planning.

At Abland, we have located prime properties and created the type of corporate, commercial, retail and industrial developments that are highly sought after in each major area of Gauteng and the Western Cape. We are actively involved in developing shopping malls and centres, corporate office parks, retail centres, motor dealerships, and even mixed-use precincts. For those who buy from us, we offer competitive investment returns, and for those who rent from us, we offer the opportunity of exponential growth in areas that are set to boost business, are easy to access, and most importantly, are safe.

When investing in any industrial, retail, commercial or corporate property, we ensure that the appropriate tenant mix is applied, to ensure the prosperity of the property, and the businesses that operate from it. The idea is to attract a suitable volume of customers, without putting our clients (our investors and renters) in an environment that is overly competitive or dominated by similar types of businesses.

If you are looking for upmarket property developments in South Africa that are best suited to your commercial business, consider the following:

We have also developed the following retail centres: Hazeldean Square, Wonderboom Junction, Chilli Lane Shopping Centre, Jackal Creek Corner, and many more.

To find out more about our property development sales and rentals, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone today.