Sandton Office to Let

Secure Your Sandton Office to Let for 2017

Are you looking for an area that’s upmarket and trendy? Sandton in Gauteng is just the place. Sandton consists of two suburbs, Bryanston and Sandown, and is thought of as the heart of Gauteng. It’s an area that experienced rapid growth and in just five decades, as it has transformed from an unpopulated area into the developed, thriving and buzzing community that it’s known to be today.

At Abland, we focus much of our time on creating upmarket, premium commercial office space for some of the country’s leading, up-and-coming businesses. If you’re looking for a prime location in Sandton, Alice Lane Building 3 is highly recommended. You can find this office park on the corner of 5th Street and Alice Lane, and space is available for rent from as early as April 2017. That’s plenty of time to plan and organise your move. Office rentals start from as little as just R170 per square metre and range in size from 195 square metres to 13 000 square metres.

To demonstrate just how affluent the area is, top investment banks such as RMB and Nedbank can be found here. It’s also home to the JSE and some major convention centres. Your business can also get involved and benefit from this buzzing community.

The Alice Lane offices are considered to be ideally located, as they are located close to the freeway, as well as the Gautrain. If you want to be close to modern malls and world-class amenities, Alice Lane provides this too. This makes it easy and convenient for customers and your employees to reach your premises. Because of the diversity of the people found in Sandton, there always seems to be a fresh influx of traffic, and that’s great for all businesses’ profits.

When seeking out professional office space to let for your business, location should be first and foremost on your mind. You should also put emphasis on safety and security, as both your customers and employees, as well as their vehicles, need to be kept safe when dealing with you. You should also make sure that you can afford the monthly rental rate. Remember that commercial spaces are charged per square metre and most rental agreements last three or five years. Business rentals are usually long term and that’s for the better, because you don’t want to be moving your business every year. You could lose staff and customers this way. Last but not least, make sure that your lease agreement is fair to both parties. At Abland, we can provide you with property options that offer you all of this and more.

If you are interested in securing property that offers a prime location and is well maintained in Sandton, we are just the team to assist you. With our help at Abland, you can expect to find the ideal office to let in no time at all. To book viewings or to chat to us further about your commercial property rental needs, contact us via email or telephone at Abland today.

*All prices are subject to change and valid on the date of publication.