Sandton Office to Let

Need a Sandton Office to Let? Abland Offers Viable Options!

It is astounding to think that it has taken less than 50 years for Sandton to transform from an area of “estate living” to South Africa’s most influential financial and business district! The area of Sandton is synonymous with sophistication and affluence, which is mainly because it plays host to some of the world’s top investment banks, the JSE, major convention centres and a multitude of successful financial consultants. The area seems to be the place where things are happening and if you find a Sandton office to let, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of a thriving business hub – the benefits could be simply overwhelming!

Businesses operating in Sandton look out across a skyline of shimmering buildings and skyscrapers that will make you think that you are on the streets of Manhattan. The vibe in Sandton is “work hard – play hard” and as it is a nice mix of both commercial and residential properties, it creates a busy city with a community-oriented feeling. Many large companies view Sandton as a gateway into African business and we could not agree more! The area, which is quite obviously business-focused, also offers residents and visitors a nice selection of leisure activities and conveniences. From state-of-the-art shopping malls to a thriving night-time scene, there is simply something for everyone. Sport and fitness is of importance too – this can be seen in the many gyms in the area and, of course, the runners you will see on a daily basis.

Is the Sandton environment right for your business? It most certainly is. You will find that Sandton has a little bit of everything. The community is growing rapidly and businesses that enter the market enjoy high foot traffic and loyal support from residents, other businesses and, of course, from the surrounding areas and communities.

At Abland, we often encounter business owners seeking out business premises in the Sandton area. Due to demand, it can be hard to find the prime locations available for rent. We currently offer prime office space to let in the Alice Lane Building, which is located on the corner of 5th street and Alice lane in Centurion. Space is available from April 2017.

Need help finding an office to let in Sandton? At Abland, we look forward to assisting you. Contact us via email or telephone for more useful information and advice today.