Sandton Office Space

Get the Right Sandton Office Space and Boost Your Business 

If you are looking for an affluent area to base your offices, Sandton is just that. And this affluence isn’t a recent development. Just over 120 years back, the world’s richest gold field was discovered right here in Sandton. In current times, the area is considered one of the most important business and financial hubs in South Africa. By many, the area is described as SA’s richest square mile.

When did Sandton open its doors for business? It was just in 1973 that Sandton planted its roots and set out to become the buzzing city that it is today. Back in the early ‘70s, Sandton comprised of stately grassy estates and horse trails. These days, the city is jam-packed with some of the country’s best hotels, restaurants, financial services and various other businesses. Sandton quickly became the centre of Gauteng’s economy and for good reason. In no time at all, development had reach epic levels and even parking was becoming a concern, which brought about new and improved public transport systems. The rapid growth and issues with traffic and parking didn’t and hasn’t held Sandton back! In fact, it’s just given those that work and live there every reason to invest more in the growth and development of this area.

With these facts in mind, it’s easy to see why we promote Sandton office space rentals with such passion and confidence. In 2016, you can still see much growth, development and investment in the area, and any business that is lucky enough to find prime office space here really has a great opportunity provided to them. Sandton is the place to be. It’s hip, it’s happening and business is booming. Can you really afford not to be part of the action?

At Abland, we offer a variety of corporate and commercial office parks in Sandton that have prime locations, and are well maintained and serviced too. The office parks are also located close to public transport routes and various amenities. If you are actively looking for commercial or corporate office space rentals from April 2017, Alice Lane Building 3 is a great place to start.

To arrange a viewing of the property or to learn more about it, simply let us know. For more information and advice, or to view any other properties for sale and to let in Gauteng, contact us via email or telephone at Abland today.